East Grand School is set up with Google Apps. Those that have an email with have these apps available to them (Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sites).

GMail is Google's email system where you can send and receive email as well as organize and store those emails within subfolders.

Docs is Google's online word processing where you can create your own documents or upload and edit many other formats of word processing files.

Calendar is Google's online calendar service where you can schedule events within the calendar, have the event give you a reminder, and even invite other Google accounts to share the event in their own calendars. You can have multiple calendars which allows you to sort, categorize, and group different types of events.

Sites is Google's website design environment allowing the creation of a personal website that can be accessed from the Internet. There are various template layouts and themes to give you a starting point with which to place content in. Your initial web page becomes the home page to your website which you can grant access to only accounts within or make it public to the whole Internet. Site management will show you the actual URL path to your website that a web browser needs for viewing it, usually looks like

Other apps are Sheets (spreadsheets), Slides (presentation), Contacts, Drive (storage area for your account files).

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