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Storing laptops
School laptops come with carrying cases that are well padded to protect against sudden impacts. However, the laptop should be out of the case when it is not shutdown. While the laptop is running, even in sleep mode with the lid closed, it will generate heat and the case will hold that heat in, eventually causing damage to the microchips. Charging the battery can, also, generate some heat. So, if the laptop is to be stored in its case, it should be powered off and unplugged.

Printing web pages
Printing a web page doesn't give the same result as though you were printing from a word processor. A word processor has margins, included in the document, that limit the width and height of your page usually following the dimensions of a sheet of paper. Each page becomes the size of a sheet of paper. A web page is a page only in the fact that you have content to scroll through. There are no margins, so its content goes until it reaches the side of the displayed area, then wraps around to the next line, continuing this until there is no more content to display. A single web page could have so much content in it, that printing it out to the area of a sheet of paper may actually fill up several sheets.
So, when you are about to print out that web page article or picture you're looking at, preview the printout and pick the pages to print, so you aren't getting more sheets of paper than you need.